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1 bedroom apartment available October, 2012

Bangor - There is a one-bedroom, one bath apartment available in Bangor for $650 per month. Heat and hot water are included, but electric is not. Some pets are okay. Contact Susan at 207-990-1967 to find out more about this rental.

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Welcome to Bangor Apartments dot com. This site was designed to list Bangor Maine apartments that come available for rent in the area. The apartment listings below will updated periodically, and you can always call (207) 951-3134 to check upcoming Bangor apartment rentals soon to list.

Also, if you don't find the Bangor apartments that you are look for here, make sure to check out all the buttons above for apartment rentals. I hope you find the perfect Bangor apartment for rent. Thanks!

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Old Apartments Listings

No longer listed - $900 per month
There is a 3-bedroom apartment in Milford, Maine for $900.

This a large, sunny, 3 bedroom apartment. It's a nice location and close to schools. Heat and hot water is included.

Call 478-0084 for more information.

This is a 1-bedroom apartment rental in Bangor, Maine for $550 rent

It's a small but updated apartment rental with a private entrance and off-street parking. Heat and hot water are included. There is a coin-op washer and dryer on site.

Call 951-3134 for more information.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - rent is $585 per month - BANGOR
This is a 1-bedroom apartment in Bangor, Maine for $585

It's a nice one-bedroom apartment rental on the first floor for easy access. Heat is included. First and last month's rent are required, along with a security deposit matching the rent amount.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE 3BR Apartment - $825/month - Brewer

Call 735-4233 for more information.

-first floor
-3 bedrooms
-washer/dryer hookup
-heat included
-some pets okay

We have a two-bedroom apartment in a duplex near the Bangor/Hampden town line. It's in good condition and has a lot to offer compared to other Bangor apartments.
Rent is $750 per month with matching deposit.
-heat included
-tons of parking
-full bath
-private washer/dryer
-private basement area
-big back yard
-private front and rear entrance
-some pets okay

Call 951-3134 for more information.

2 bedroom apartment with private parking and entrance
Other Bangor apartments are coming soon

Welcome to Bangor Apartments dot com. This site lists apartments in the greater Bangor Area. If you don't see an apartment you are interested in, still feel free to call. Apartment rentals pop up all the time in the Bangor Area, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Basic Tips for Renters:

Prep Ahead: Apartments are often times rented because of careful self-promotion. The same is true for Bangor apartments. Compose a renter's resume' containing your current and previous 3 addresses and landlords' telephone numbers, your current employer and duration of employment, your current income, references, etc. If your credit history is good, include a copy of your credit report . You want to look like the best candidate for your Bangor Area apartments.

Look in the Bangor Daily apartment listings for Bangor apartments. Go online and check out Bangor apartments on Craigslist. Ask friends and contact local landlords or property management companies about Bangor apartments. Visit Bangor Apartments . com :-)

Decide how much rent you can afford to spend every month. A common standard for apartment or home payments is no more than 30 percent of what you make every month. Goodluck with your search for Bangor apartments.

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